We are For the Love of People Group. A Leading Marketing/PR Firm.

We are For the Love of People Group. A Leading Marketing/PR Firm.

We are For the Love of People Group. A Leading Marketing/PR Firm. We are For the Love of People Group. A Leading Marketing/PR Firm. We are For the Love of People Group. A Leading Marketing/PR Firm.

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By drawing on our expansive industry knowledge and expertise, our team provides the insights and game plan you need to grow and evolve your brand, position you as a thought leader in your industry and build relationships with key media influencers and personalities.

About Us


Shania Khan- CEO

I left my corporate job in 2018 and decided to take my love of PR and Event Management full time.

I wanted to help businesses effectively increase brand awareness and loyalty through interactive client experiences such as events and pop ups.

Interactive client experiences are the new way to sell products and increase brand awareness, and I wanted to help my clients give their followers the best experiences for the lowest cost. Anyone can spend over$250K in one night and have a great event.

I quickly learned that the average small business doesn’t work with such large budgets so I had to get creative.

After hundreds of hours of trial and error, I finally found my way through the sponsorship and collaboration landscape to build a strong network of talented and generous people willing to help one another out.

WHAT I DO: I help businesses with their PR and event management needs to increase brand awareness and their bottom line.

WHO I HELP: New or established businesses no matter what the budget size to have impactful events and press releases. Whether you have a million dollar budget or something much smaller than that. I want to work with you.

HOW I DO IT: I reach out to my vast network of contacts to get you what you need to be successful. Whether that is more press and appearances or impactful events to show your brand in its best light. You get access to all my resources to make your brand stand out from the rest.

IMAGINE THIS: You don’t need to spend millions of dollars a year earning brand loyalty or increasing your bottom line. You need someone clever and creative with over 18 years of experience to help you get there even if it's on a shoestring budget.


Anum Khan-Director of Events

I started my career in retail and quickly learned that events and client experiences are more important than ever before. The more interactive, the more buzz they create. Keeping our clients happy is my number one priority. When my clients walk into a space, the only word I want to hear is: WOW. Event Management and Marketing are my speciality.


Team FLP

We work with the best people in the industry to make sure your brand message is conveyed with your fingerprint in mind. We never want to take away from what your built, and instead make your message stronger than before by focusing on Public Relations, Event Management, and Marketing.

Our Clients


Press Coverage



Our CEO speaking on Fox News about the Paycheck Protection Program.

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Why is Public Relations Important?

We get asked this question on a daily basis. Why do I need PR? How will it benefit me? 

Public Relations is brand awareness, and that is important. If no one is talking about you, they aren’t buying your products. 

Our Rates

Retainer Rates 

$1500 – $6000 per month (USD), ongoing support (low to high intensity)

Ongoing Social Media Support Rates

Social media support for ongoing posting is also available on reduced retainer rates ranging from $500 to $1000 per month, (* rates may vary based on number of platforms & posts per account ).

Retainer Terms

To begin support on retainer, we simply require receipt of a fee equaling one month’s support up front (most firms require six), with the fee for each ensuing month due at the end of that next 30-day period.

Event Planning and Management

We charge 10% of your event cost with a minimum event spend of $5000.

Per-Project Rates

Our per-project rates for individual pieces range from $200 to $500 depending on complexity -- from press releases, to promo sheets, 1-sheets, speaker/quotable sheets, and more.

Our rates for individual press release mini-campaigns are $700-$1200 per campaign, depending on the desired number of contacts. We also discount our rates by 25% for each additional release you add to a single project.

Support Per Hour

Contact us for capped consulting, social media support, event planning and management or other work that you'd prefer to bill and pay by the hour. We start at $150 per hour.

Supplemental Big-Firm Support

On a deadline and need a little extra help on press pitching, materials building, or list expansion? We're experienced and here to help.

We Work With Your Budget!

We also offer discounts for projects encompassing multiple elements. No matter what your budget, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to offer you a solution.

And please do compare rates and check out our competitors -- we're proud to be transparent!


Contact Us

Better yet, Call or Text us!

We love our clients, so feel free to call or text us. 


For the Love of People Group

17350 Tomball Parkway Frontage Road, Houston, Texas 77064, United States

Call: 832-356-8963 Text: 917-402-0038 Email: hello@publicrelations.monster


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